How is the world surprised about technology?

Technology always trends the digital world. Because without technology no inventions were found. So there are tools that are arrived in the world and make our universe incredible. More than our imagination the tools and software are inventing currently. Here some of the tech tools are shortlisted and reached on the world stage soon

Form 1

It is one of the best revolutionary ideas. Because form 1 is one of the best three-dimensional printers. The digital image of objects turned to view in real life. It was created with custom design and physical product design. But it is a high luxury price.  Despite this, it is an acceptable and reasonable price. Because it cannot use’

Oculus rift

It is one of the virtual reality gaming accessories. Especially it has designed with the dimensional headset. The games lead players on some adventure trips. it is one of the chronicles describing reality gaming. This oculus is shown in the virtual world with the ultra few latencies. On the other hand, it has a high resolution and surprising display.

Leap motion

Leap motion is a fantabulous technology which was arrived soon in the digital world. It is the multitouch desktop .users can easily expand the web page. On the other hand, it has the potential to zoom the maps and photos. It provides a real-time experience to the users.gaming is the best makeover in this leap motion technology.

Eye tribes

It is one eye technology, imagine if your eyes can view but is its ability to work. This technology is designed using the power of eyes .vision algorithm, camera front-facing system are the major sources worked in this eye technology. You can slice the fruit which was done by your eyes. Tablets are the sources and play the flight simulator.

Smart things

Many smart things currently drive the world intelligently. but more than virtual things This tech lord act and played a vital role in the upcoming years. It is a very difficult and challenging technology. let us think if all the smart technology accessories are included in the one single system what will happen ?. Like a smoke alarm, humidity, pressure, vibration using sensors are the detect and track the changes in the single accessories. On the other hand, it reduces your stress  If you leave your home it will automatically shut your home windows and doors. Also, if you enter your room it turns on the light of the room.

Firefox OS

Firefox introduced web apps into a set of apps. it customizes the operating system. It was decided the vision about the freedom, fact openness, user choice. Genk, gecko, gain software are sources of technology. If you bought this you call your friends, web browsing, taking snaps, and playing games.

Project Fiona

Project Fiona is imitating the tablet experience straightforwardly. Hence it has many amazing accessories to role the advanced aspects like gyro magnetometer with three-axis, accelerator, you can play your favorite games using this technology.

Google driverless car

Many of the googles are only a search engine but they don’t know it can drive the car.art6fivial intelligence plays a vital role in this driverless car. It accesses and drives the car using the interior areas, vehicle top sensors, radar location which was connected with different areas of the car. it has the potential to reach 1609 km. Especially it does not need any human command while driving.


To sum up, many of the technology tools are lead to many industries. But in the upcoming year due to the nurture of tech sources, The job vacancy might less for the future tech careers

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