Beginner’s Guide To Using A Log Splitter

A log splitter is a crucial tool for those that need to cut wood for burning, furniture, or any other purpose. It is a piece of equipment mainly used to split the firewood and cut it into sections. There are many advantages of using a log splitter. People can use log splitter mainly to chop down the firewood with ease. The electric log splitters are a great choice for people who like to get the job done in a short time. The best part is that the log splitter guarantees safety as compared to using an ax or blade for chopping the wood into small pieces. Also having this tool on hand means you are opting for a more eco-friendly option to keep the home warm. Having a log splitter means that you would not require gas to warm up the home. This helps in reducing the gas emission being released into the environment.

Types of Log Splitters:

Here are some of the types of log splitters that you can purchase:

  • Manual Log Splitters: This log splitter is easy to use and lightweight. In manual type, you can either choose the foot-powered model or a hand-powered model as per the convenience. In addition, there are manual log splitters, that operate with the help of hydraulics whereas others rely on weights or manpower. A manual log splitter requires more effort usually but still, it is more convenient than using an ax. A log splitter is a great option for those people who use burn wood occasionally.
  • Electric Log Splitter: This log splitter is one of the most popular log splitters in the market. An electric log splitter is considered adequate for most situations. Essentially, these tools can operate on the same gas models. The prime difference between the two of them is that it requires an electric motor to power the hydraulics instead of a gas engine. The electric log splitters are lighter and portable as well. People can set up this machine at ground level, bench, or even on a stand.
  • Gas Log Splitters: The gas log splitters are the most powerful type of splitters. These splitters are mainly used for performing heavy-duty tasks. These machines are highly effective in splitting up large logs. Unlike electric models, these log splitters do not require to be connected to a plug to an electric socket. These machines can only be used in outdoor works because it consists of engine exhausts, which makes it inappropriate to use them indoors. Also, the gas log splitters are the most powerful of all kinds because of their great and powerful design. But the downside of having this machine is it requires regular maintenance like other types of equipment that have a gas engine. The maintenance includes spark plugs, oil changes, fuel additions regularly. So this is why it can be used in an outdoor environment only.

This is all about the log splitters, their uses, and their types. If you want to have one, then read this guide first.

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